The Mystery Of The ‘Two Years’ Campaign Has Finally Been Revealed


There has been a lot of buzz on for the ‘two years’ campaign is going to be about, as hints keep popping up everywhere.

And this weekend, residents of Riyadh and Jeddah saw some more major hints

The statement “We will compensate for the past two years” popped up via a beautiful display by drones on Riyadh’s City Walk and Jeddah’s Waterfront.

The sign has also been popping up across roads, billboards, and all these other various places across the Kingdom.

In addition, of course, it is everywhere online

And it was finally revealed what the buzz is all about – Saudi seasons are coming back! But, this time, Saudi seasons is going to so much bigger and better to make up for all the lost time.

Expect more activities, many more events, and everything there for a much longer time.

The new session of Saudi Seasons will launch in late 2021.


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