There’s Going To Be HEAVY Fines For Anyone That Destructs The New Jeddah Waterfront’s Facilities


Heavy fines will be imposed on anyone who destructs the facilities at Jeddah’s Waterfront Corniche. There are more than 120 surveillance cameras that have face recognition capabilities, all over the park. According to Saudi Gazette, authorities will not be lenient towards anyone who damages the public utilities. 

Offenders of this will be asked to comply with penalties

And they are costly. 

Any damages done to the new facilities can set someone back on a fine from SAR2,000 to a maximum of SAR5,000. 

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The cameras at the new corniche is directly linked to the control rooms of public security 

Which means it really won’t be much of a task to determine who offenders are. 

Here’s some of the fines proposed if you’re caught doing one of these:

  • Anyone who cuts lighting pole cables is subject to fines of between SAR3,000 and SAR5,000. ALSO, you’ll have to pay for the repairs of the cables.

  • Any damage done to streetlights, landmarks or sidewalks can set you back between SAR500 to SAR1,000 (+the cost of the repair) 
  • If you damage any greeneries, like the palm trees or any other- this will result in a fine between SAR200 to SAR 1,000 

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