Two Security Guards Were Killed In A Shooting Outside Jeddah’s Al Salam Palace Yesterday


The Ministry of Interior has announced that a shooting outside Jeddah’s Al Salam Palace on Saturday- resulted in the deaths of two security guards and left three others injured. The suspect in question was a 28-year-old man who was killed by a gunshot as soon as he started aiming at security.

The shooting started at around 03:25 AM in Saudi Arabia on Saturday 

Saudi Gazette reports that the shooter was a Saudi local himself, Mansour Al- Amri was spotted with Kalashnikov rifles and three petrol bombs.

 The shooting resulted in the martyrdom of the two securities: one being Sergeant Hammad Bin Shallah Al- Mutairi and the other Private First Class Abdullah Bin Faisel Al- Sibei.

The US Embassy tweeted out a warning to citizens 

After receiving unconfirmed reports on the attack on Saturday, the US Embassy in Saudi Arabia sent out a security message on Twitter.

Current investigations are ongoing as the intent of the gunman has not been discovered.


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