Women All Around The Kingdom Broke The Internet Last Night After Posting Photos Of Themselves Driving


Women have officially started driving in the Kingdom, following the lift of the ban that was announced just last year. June 24 marks the most-anticipated day in the Kingdom as families hype up for what’s to come.

The internet is buzzing with congratulatory messages, videos and photos marking the occasion that will be an important part of history.

A number of women were so excited last night that they could hardly wait

The anticipation kept building up in the last few weeks, days to even the final hour before midnight.

Like, really excited…

Men extended their joy for women in the Kingdom too

Minutes before midnight, women geared themselves prepping to take on the road

And of course, if it wasn’t documented on social media

Did it really even happen?

A HUGE overflow of tweets, Instagram stories, posts and Facebook greetings took over the minute the clock strikes twelve. Many women shared their joy of finally being in this moment where they have not only the right to drive, but the choice to do so.

And words of encouragement were being exchanged from women to women

Men and women praised the leader who made all of this possible

Courageous, indeed.

The Kingdom welcomes female drivers with open arms (billboards, in this case)

Saudi police handed out roses with encouraging notes to women in their vehicles

Showing us just how unified and united our Saudi brothers and sisters are.


Indeed, history was rewritten.

The first European woman to get her driver’s license was met with smiles once she took the streets

The overall energy in the Kingdom right now is an uplifting and inspiring one.

Videos and photos of women driving (in their own cities) has definitely sprinkled good vibes today

And this is JUST the beginning!


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