10 Pictures That Prove What A Dream Saudi Arabia Can Be For All Tourists


Saudi Arabia has just opened its doors to tourism – officially.

People from several countries can now get a tourist visa to the country

And this is great news because there are just so many breathtaking sites in Saudi Arabia that have been hidden from the world for far too long.

Here are 10 of the dreamiest pictures of Saudi Arabia that will make you want to pack your suitcase and get that newly launched visa ASAP.


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1. Here is a classic view of the desert (Ad Dahna dunes)

2. Probably one of the most iconic heritage sites in the Kingdom (Maiden Saleh)

3. Jazan’s greenery

4. This mesmerizing Tabuk Road


5. Cannot get enough of the desert view, of course

6. Can you imagine the view from above?

7. Al Ula is a dream

8. Al Ula again

9. Could get used to this view

10. Jeddah’s Al Balad


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