OMG: A New Ladies-Only Trampoline And Adventure Park Will Open In Riyadh


Hear ye, hear ye!

A new ladies-only trampoline park from BOUNCE Middle East is set to open in Riyadh pretty soon.

This is actually super exciting since it will be the first trampoline park in the capital city that’s for women only. The high-energy trampoline park and the X-Park adventure challenge course will both be launched in the same vicinity, allowing women to fly through the air bounce of the walls.

UMMMM, can we go now?

X Park

Off with the hijabs and bounce away we go!

The space will be located in a warehouse on the main East/West Road in a 3,000 square meter space. Plus, the wall-to-wall activities for ladies is available for all ages and abilities and it’ll be the largest trampoline park in Riyadh.

The venue will not only have trampolines but a dodgeball arena, slam dunk, a huge inflatable air bag and other entertaining options for the ladies.

High Performance

The trampoline park will also make fitness in the city more FUN

Ten minutes of jumping on a trampoline burns the same number of calories as 30 minutes of running, according to NASA experts. BOUNCE might just contribute some excitement and fun into the world of fitness in the city.

The Jeddah branch of BOUNCE is already a hit in the Red Sea city, so we can’t wait to see how well-received the Riyadh one will be.


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