This All-Rounder PISTACHINO Cream Spread Is What Foodie Dreams Are Made Off!


Sweet dreams are made of THIS.

And by THIS, we mean PISTACHINO! 1 word and 4 syllables and a spoonful of infinite joy.

If you’re into sweet brekkie spreads and pistachios then this will become your ULTIMATE go-to for all things that need a spread. Crafted using local & natural ingredients, made out of 100% high-quality pistachios, Italian spread will have you starting your mornings on the right foot Every. Single. Time.

Used by the most famous bakeries and restos in town, this spread will seriously have you frolicking around all day long!

PISTACHINO: an addictive name and 10x more addictive taste!

I mean… if you have to be addicted to anything in life, it might as well be PISTACHINO, ya’feel?!

To buy your jar of pure LOVE, click here (choose from creamy or crunchy).

Baking, coating, icing, spreading, eating out of the jar, drizzling, fillings, dipping! EVERYTHING, because PISTACHINO is soooo much more than just a spread.

Use it for absolutely errathing! Find this deliciousness across UAE supermarkets and hypermarkets, e.g. Carrefour, UnionCoop, noon online store, etc.

Staying healthy but getting MAJOR sweet cravings?! Then just dip your fruits in some PISTACHINO and you’re tastebuds will love you for life!

To buy your jar of pure LOVE, click here (choose from creamy or crunchy).

To get yo’self some PISTACHINO love, click here (choose from creamy or crunchy).


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