5 Stellar Saudi Adventures That Will Make You Want To Book A Trip Immediately


Just an hour flight, or a few hours’ drive to the border, Saudi is a relatively unknown landscape for many UAE residents, but that’s about to change.

Thanks to changes in visa laws, Saudi Arabia is about to become a hot tourist spot, and is absolutely spectacular, with its diverse geography, rich culture and brilliant nature.

The Saudi Tourism is currently exhibiting at the World Travel Market in London, and is sharing PLENTY of information on gorgeous domestic adventures within the Kingdom, so we picked a few of the best that you should check out.

1. Al Ula

Explore the historical incense route in North Western Saudi, with its stunning archaeological remnants, and rich history.

Join a two-night tour that will show you the Mada’in Saleh Islamic Castle, as well as the Al Ula Museum, the old railway station and the Lion City.

Check the itinerary here.

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2. Taif tour

The rocky terrain of Taif makes for some gorgeous mountainous viewing, as well as cable cars and panoramic views.

Visit the rose factory at Al Shafa and the Al Taif Museum on this three-day exploration.

Itinerary here.


3. Jeddah City Tour

Jeddah is one of Saudi’s best-known cities, and you can see a special side of it with a tour of the historical side of Jeddah, with a viewing of the Alawi Souk, the old water reservoir, Gable Street and more.

After lunch, you’ll visit the open-air museum at the Corniche, and see the stunning King Fahd Fountain, the world’s TALLEST fountain.

See the outline here.

4. Farasan Island Trip

The Farasan Islands are an archipelago in the Red Sea, off the coast of Jizan and are home to a plentiful marine life, with some spectacular coral.

Spend a night in the Farasan Islands hotel, exploring three of the biggest islands and see the stunning beaches, crystal clear waters and marine life that Saudi has to offer.

See the full trip here.

5. A nine-day best-of tour

No need to pick if you feel there are too many brilliant options, the nine-day best-of tour will whisk you around to some true Saudi highlights, from the full day visit in Jeddah, to Abha for the cable cars, silver market and the Flower Men of Tihama.

After that, you’ll get taken to Riyadh, the capital for a visit to some of Saudi’s most historical monuments, the national museum, and sight-see the palaces.

After a visit to Al Ula, you’ll head back to Jeddah, where it all began, to conclude your trip.

The full itinerary is here.

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Check out more info via the Saudi Tourism website

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