“If You Do Want To Exercise Before Breaking Fast The Ideal Time Is One Hour Before Iftar”


Continuing to train and motivate yourself to exercise during Ramadan can be challenging.

Some research indicates that remaining active in the Holy Month is marked by a decrease in performance, caused by the impact of irregular sleep patterns, lack of nutrition and hydration, low motivation, and changed times of training.

However, the Saudi Sports for All Federation (SFA) advises that by making some simple adjustments and following expert advice, it is possible to continue enjoying workouts and maintaining fitness levels during the blessed month.

And working together with top fitness experts, The SFA is educating Saudi on tips to stay active and on top of your game during Ramadan.

“If you do want to exercise before breaking fast, then the ideal time is one hour before Iftar”

CrossFit and callisthenics coach Najia Saleh Alfadl, who is based in Jeddah, said, “It is important to take good care of our bodies inside and out during Ramadan. Training before Iftar can be convenient; however, we should be aware that the body is not sufficiently nourished with food and fluids at this time. This lack of nourishment, combined with the possibility of sleep deprivation, can lead to a decrease in sport performance and recovery.

If you do want to exercise before breaking fast, then the ideal time is one hour before Iftar; that way, you will fuel and replenish your body immediately afterward, replacing lost energy and calorie deficiencies.

However, I would recommend the ideal time to work out is three hours after Iftar. Research shows this is the optimum time after eating and drinking. The body is replenished and has greater mental and physical readiness to compensate for sleep, calorie, and fluid deprivation”.

Choose low-intensity workouts

“I would also advise low-intensity workouts, such as walking, lifting light weights, stretching exercises, or yoga to reduce body fatigue and relaxation. These workouts are gentler on the body but still maintain overall fitness and health. It is important to look after ourselves and continue to exercise at the right level without putting the body under any additional stress during Ramadan.”


Yes, you’re at home. But you still need to stay active

The SFA’s Baytak Nadeek, “Your Home, Your Gym’, supported by the Ministry of Sports and the Saudi Arabian Olympic Committee will help you do it.

In line with the Ministry of Health’s recommendations for people to stay home and embrace social distancing during the coronavirus outbreak, the platform encourages you to keep fit and stay active while at home, as well as providing a platform to keep people across Saudi Arabia connected.

Get exercise tips and workout programmes for all levels

The SFA’s Healthy Living portal is packed with information on how to get started taking regular exercise and it also provides tips on healthy eating and looking after your mental well-being.

The portal also hosts the SFA’s official Baytak Nadeek sports trainers and their workout programs including, CrossFit, interval training, aerobics, strength training, and yoga, targeted at all levels.

You can pledge to join Saudi’s ‘Move to Donate’ campaign

Encouraging people in Saudi to continue exercising during the Holy Month, participants are invited to visit the SFA website, pledge a workout and share videos or pictures of themselves taking part on social media using the hashtags #حركتك_صدقتك (Move to Donate) and #بيتك_ناديك (Your Home, Your Gym). The pledges are then translated into food baskets for families in need in partnership with the Saudi Food Bank.


For further information about Move to Donate check out – Sports For All – Move to donate

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