The Jeddah Bucket List: 10 Things You Need To Try Once


There’s a reason Jeddah is sometimes called the jewel of the Red Sea, with its beautiful skyline, the stunning corniche and all the big city buzz. Whether you’re a visitor to this metropolis or a local feeling like you need to be a tourist in your own city, Jeddah has plenty to offer. No matter what your interests are, there’s lots to put on your Jeddah bucket list that will fascinate and even take you out of your comfort zone (in a good way!).

Here are the top 10 things for your ultimate Jeddah bucket list:

10. Visit Al Fakieh Aquarium

Be surrounded with beautiful aquatic life and even discover the types of marine life that live in the nearby Red Sea at this larger than life aquarium. Kids and adults alike will love the dolphin show that lets you get an up-close look at the beautiful sea animals. Plus — if you’re really feeling adventurous, the aquarium offers the once in a lifetime experience to swim with dolphins in their own pool.

9. Explore all the corniche

Jeddah’s corniche is the perfect place to spend an entire day. Not only is it gorgeous and totally walkable, you’ll find here the trendiest restaurants and coffee shops that you can eat your way through as you take in the sights of the corniche. You’ll find some cool street art and even an open air museum here. You’ll definitely want to bring your camera.

8. Check out the King Fahd Fountain

Also known as the Jeddah Fountain, this mesmerizing sight shoots straight up over 312 meters in a sky like a massive geyser. The sound of the water is super relaxing, and the fountain is super beautiful at nighttime too when its lit up. Grab a coffee or pack a picnic, as there’s no better place to relax than alongside this wonder.

7. Get lost in Al Balad

A day just isn’t enough to see all Al Balad has to offer. Jeddah’s historic district gives you a chance to see the prettiest traditional architecture and get a unique, quaint feel despite being in the big city. From yummy street food, handmade goods and shops where you might stumble upon a cool antique or two, Al Balad is a must for any Jeddah bucket list.


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6. Feel like a kid again at Al Shallal Theme Park

Pretend you never grew up with a trip to the popular Al Shallal theme park which has fun for all ages. Coasters, thrill rides, and many other classics can be found here as well as lots of food options where you can chill out and take in the carnival vibes.

5. Explore the Red Sea

Take a dip in the gorgeous turquoise waters or if you’re looking for a closer look under the sea, you can grab your snorkelling gear or go for a diving excursion off shore. The Red Sea has beautiful coral reefs, an incredible variety of marine life and p.s. you might even be able to venture out and explore an old shipwreck!

4. Check out the “Floating Mosque”

Jeddah is full of stunning, historic mosques with breathtaking architecture. But if there’s only one you can visit, it has to be the “Floating Mosque” along the corniche. The Al Rahma Mosque is built on stilts above the water, giving the illusion that it floats on the water. It’s also distinguished by its turquoise dome which nearly matches the surrounding waters. It’s the perfect spot to catch a serene sunset.


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3. Dine in the sky

The luxurious Rosewood Hotel in Jeddah is set along the corniche is home to the Sky Lounge, where guests can dine open air hundreds of feet above the ground with a spectacular view of the city and sea.

2. Visit the museums

Jeddah’s Al Balad district is home to at least two museums which have preserved the history of the city and hold precious artifacts from the nation’s past. Both Matbouli House Museum and the Tayebat Museum are built in the traditional Hejazi architecture reminiscent of the times when Jeddah was a thriving trade and sea port. Get lost inside and garner a greater appreciation for Jeddah.


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1. Sample the eats at some food trucks

Jeddah is a true foodie’s paradise with its excellent top class restaurants, but some of the best grub can be found in its simple food trucks and carts. In Al Balad you’ll find staple street foods like baleela and Mutabbaq, and around the city and corniche you’ll find a number of vendors flipping the juiciest burgers and fast food.


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