These Centuries-Old Rock Carvings Are Located In Almost Every Corner Of The Kingdom

Hera Shabbir

Saudi discovers numerous historical artefacts around the country, especially like these rock carvings that are located all over the place

From the mountains of Tabuk and Madinah, to the vast landscapes of Riyadh and Najran, rock-carvings seem to be part of the Kingdom’s history quite significantly. Located at almost every corner, these carvings definitely tell a story and come in all different shapes and sizes, but are strangely somehow similar. Scroll down below to see pictures of each region’s discoveries, and see how you can compare and contrast the different images.

Madinah has arabic text all over their rocks

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Tabuk is home to these rare drawings

Najran has these cool designs of camels and people

Given that these carvings are located all over the Kingdom, some believe they were all part of different tribes and communities from centuries ago. Scientists have reported thatthes carvings date back to the early Neolithic era, around 12,000 BP and were used by hunters and gatherers that depicted their everyday life.

People also found these carvings in Madinah

Asir contains these drawings

Here’s some in the Sudair region of Riyadh

Hail’s rocks look to have the MOST details when it comes to these carvings

Although no one is quite sure what exactly these carvings mean, most presume they have to do with communication of social and religious activities and gatherings. It is still so cool that these carvings are literally located in every corner of the Kingdom!


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