Mufti Menk Is In Pakistan To Help With Flood Relief


Famed Islamic scholar Mufti Menk was in Sindh recently to help with the flood relief efforts. Taking to social media, Mufti Menk shared that he was in Pakistan to deliver some aid to the people affected by the floods which have caused one-third of the country to submerge under water. Since the Islamic scholar has a huge fan following in Pakistan, he received a number of invitations while he was visiting the country. However, he clarified that his intention to visit Pakistan this time, was only to help the people who have lost homes in the catastrophe and provide them with relief.

In photos and videos shared by Mufti Menk on social media, he saw the havoc that the devastating floods have caused. He also helped provide relief to the people who have now been left homeless and without basic needs. He wrote: “DEVASTATION! Pakistan needs us! Unimaginable situation! DONATE A TENT! Give comfort to a family! £100 per tent! Please do whatever you can with any reliable charity or partner for those affected. We will have to assist for the next few YEARS. To my beloved friends and followers in Pakistan. I visited parts of Sindh with just one intention. To reach out by delivering some aid and creating further awareness about the plight of the millions who’ve been affected by the devastating floods. Please forgive me for not being able to entertain any unrelated meetings, visits or invitations. I made no exceptions. I love you all!”

In another video, Mufti Menk shared that he also enjoyed a cup of Pakistan’s famous highway chai. While keeping up with COVID precautions, he was seen masked up in another videos.

Flood relief efforts in Karachi are currently underway as one-third of Pakistan is submerged underwater, leaving millions homeless. It has been nearly a month since the disaster first hit and authorities have still been unable to get rid of the water that has taken over what used to be houses and agricultural land. Over a 1000 people have lost their lives as a result of the flood caused by the abnormal monsoon spells and melting glaciers this year due to climate change.


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