6 Reasons Skardu Needs To Be Your Number One Destination This Summer


With Summer vacations going on, it’s only normal for you to plan a trip to vacay all day. However, if you’re not able to make that dream Europe trip happen, you’ll definitely get the same vibes here in Pakistan, for literally half the price πŸ‘€.

Skardu is known to be one of the most stunning places in the country and absolutely thrives in the summer. From the luscious green trees, fresh apple trees, snowy mountains, and crispy cool air make this destination IDEAL to escape the summer heat of the city. Scroll down below for five of many reasons why Skardu should be your number one choice for a summer escape.

6. The unique architecture of Shigar Fort 🏰

If you’re a fan of historic places and experiencing true royalty, then Shigar Fort is where you need to visit first. This spot actually gives you the opportunity to stay in the 17th century fort that was built by the Raja of Amacha Dynasty of Shigar. The fort was actually built around a huge rock, with a unique combination of rocks, clay, and wood. Shigar fort also gives guided tours that shows you all the unique aspects of the lifestyle during the Amacha Dynasty.Β 

5. Everyone’s obsession with the stunning views from Shangrila Hotel 😍

Everyone knows Shangrila Resort is the number one choice when it comes to vacationing in Skardu, and that too for all the right reasons. The resort’s unique architecture, stunning views of Kachura, and the fresh atmosphere has people flocking up in masses booking up their rooms for months on end! From their homey cottages, villas, and the absolutely STUNNING breakfast views, this place should definitely be on your radar when planning a trip to Skardu. Best part is, they even have a duck pond and bird zoo for the little ones to enjoy within a beautiful forest! Make sure to book this trendy spot in advance because it can get quite busy!

4. The majestic waters of Satpara Lake 🌊

This lake is known to be one of the most gorgeous spots in Skardu. Located on Deosai road, Satpara lake sits right in between two beautiful mountain ranges that will have you taking pictures the whole time! The aqua blue waters absolutely glisten under the sunshine as cool winds come in as you sit and admire the lake. The best time to visit this spot is actually during the summer, because all the heavy snowfall in winter totally freezes the lake over! Make sure to have this lake on your Skardu vacay itinerary!

3. The kind and welcoming community πŸ’

People in Skardu are known to get excited when visitors come over to their city. From the smiles you’ll get on the road as you drive by, to the best hospitality in the markets and restaurants, the community will make you feel right at home. A visitor exclusively told LovinIsloo “everyone we came across was helpful when it came to food, hotel rates, and even getting a good bargain in the market. Our tour guide even told us that everyone trusts each other and crime rates are significantly low compared to other cities in Pakistan.” Looks like this reason was just the cherry on top you needed to plan a visit ASAP.

2. The fresh fruit that’s literally everywhere…🍎

One of the best things you’ll notice on the roads of Skardu is the abundance of fruits on the sides. From some of the juiciest plums, tastiest apples, and sweetest apricots, Skardu’s community is really proud of their fresh produce. You will literally be able to taste the freshness right from the trees, and will most likely take some home. People actually pack crates-worth of fruit on their way back from the city!

1. The beautiful flight that will have you gasping every second ✈️

The flights to Skardu are known to be GORGEOUS as both PIA and Air Blue fly over a beautiful mountain range. If you’re catching a flight from Islamabad then you will literally get to watch the mountains transition from Margalla Hills to snow dusted ranges! You’ll get to fly right through Naran, Kaghan, and even get a sneak peak of Nanga Parbat, above the clouds! Make sure you get a window seat because you’ll definitely be staring out the window as soon as you fly past Islamabad.


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