7 Fun Facts About Karachi That Will Have You Repping Your City In All The Right Ways


Everyone knows Karachi is an iconic city worth repping in all the right ways. From the rich history, local goods, absolutely delicious food, and energetic community, Karachi is one of the most vibrant cities in Pakistan for all the right reasons. The next time you’re telling your friends about your hometown, grab these 7 fun facts to show off your city! Scroll through and check it out 👀

7. It is home to one of the biggest malls in Pakistan

That’s right guys, if you thought Packages mall, or Centaurus mall looked huge, then you haven’t been to Lucky One. This mall covers a total area of around 3.4 million square feet. In fact, some even say it’s the largest mall in all of South Asia!

6. The world’s third largest mosque is located right here in the city!

After the Makkah Grand Mosque and Prophet’s Mosque in Medina, the Grand Jamia Mosque is actually the world’s third biggest mosque in terms of capacity. Located in Bahria Town Karachi, this complex is still under construction, and once completed, will be able to accommodate around 800,000 worshippers at a time!

5. The street food is incomparable

From Nihari for breakfast, the city’s finest Halwa Puri, to the yummiest chaat dishes to grab with the squad, Karachi’s food game is definitely elite. The city’s kulfi, Rabri, Kata Kat fish, Ninja Salads, Bone Marrow Biriyani, Brain Masala and a BUNCH of other dishes make people flock in masses to try out Karachi’s delicious selection. Make sure you flex the OG bun kabab if your friends ask you what the city is famous for.

4. The World’s Largest volunteer ambulance service is in Karachi

You’ve probably heard of the Edhi Foundation founded by Abdul-Sattar Edhi back in 1951. It still stands to be the world’s largest volunteer ambulance service in the world. It is headquartered in the city, and has offices and services all over the country!

3. It is home to the country’s tallest tower

Bahria Town Karachi has done it again with its iconic Bahria Icon Tower which is currently the country’s tallest building. Currently on hold, the high-rise building stands at 62 floors, towering over the Karachi skyline!

2. The city is full of historic architecture

The city is actually a religious hub and has structures with Victorian architecture, Islamic structures, iconic Mosques and even Hindu Temples. Karachi is actually home to the largest Hindu temple in Pakistan: Swaminarayan Mandir and even has the biggest Christian cross in all of Asia!

1. Karachi was actually the first capital of Pakistan

Karachi was actually the first capital of the new country of Pakistan in 1947 when the country was first founded. It was the capital until 1959, when Islamabad was selected to be the new capital city of the country.


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