These 7 Ice Cream Spots In Karachi Will Have You Cooling Off On A Sweet Note


With summer bringing in hot temperatures in the city, eating ice cream is a necessity this season. Although Karachi is full of awesome ice cream spots that will satisfy all your sweet cravings, these 7 spots are definitely the top. Scroll through and make sure to tag #lovinkarachi during all of your visits!

7. Kaybees


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This spot is one of the top places in Karachi when it comes to desserts, and if you’re in your Barbie phase, then this spot is the way to go. Cool off in style at this spot as you take your tastebuds on a yummy journey.

6. Dip Shop


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This spot has quite a variety of different ice creams including Baraf Ka Gola! You can try out all their different flavors, combinations, and sundaes in the summer.

5. Balochi Ice Cream


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Balochi Ice Cream is also a famous spot in the city that serves delicious ice cream that has people flocking up to get a bite. From a bunch of different flavors, Falooda deals, to double, and even triple scoops this place is another number one spot to visit with your friends on a hot summer day.

4. Peshawari Ice Cream

Peshawari Ice Cream also has people lining up in bunches to get a bite of their delightful cool treats. If you’re planning to visit this spot anytime soon, make sure to try their coconut Bounty ice cream that has become a MAJOR hit. This spot is also great at blending different ice cream flavors with some DELICIOUS fruits!

3. Creamello


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If you’re a fan of Mangoes, then this is the perfect season to try of their soft-serve collection of mango-flavored ice cream. They even have some of your favorite treats like Lotus, Oreo, and Ferrero Rocher ready for you to try.

2. Mövenpick


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These guys serve up some delicious chocolate ice cream that will not only help you cool off in this heat, but also satisfy all your chocolate cravings. If you’re more of a tropical ice cream fan, then make sure to try out their raspberry, lemon, and coconut flavors for a tangy twist!

1. The Crave Bar


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This spot is definitely number one when it comes to having a wide collection of ice cream flavors and treats. If you haven’t already, head on over to try their famous Pizookie which consists of the yummiest combination of ice cream and a chewy cookie!

Make sure to tag #lovinkarachi in all your ice cream adventures this summer!


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