Melodies Of Pasoori Are Still Intact As It Became The Most Searched Song On Google

Pasoori Fever Hum To Search Google

On 14 October 2022, with 410 million views on YouTube, “Pasoori” became the most-watched Coke Studio music video of all time. It was produced By Xulfi in Coke Studio season 14 and since it’s release the fever of Pasoori hasn’t gone down.

Pasoori song was written by Fazal Abbas & Ali Sethi, and performed by Shae Gill & Ali Sethi.

With 458,075,706 views (currently) on YouTube (Original Video), it is the best hit by Coke Studio in Pakistan.

It is shared and posted crazily by people worldwide, it’s a Punjabi versed song which is kind of difficult to understand but the melody makes it so interesting to listen.

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