Here’s How Much IPhone14 Is Going To Cost In Pakistan


The Apple Event was held in San Francisco, USA on September 7, where new products were unveiled. IPhone14, which is next in line for Apple phones, were revealed at the event as well. The iPhone14 comes in two different sizes – one at 6.1 inches, and the iPhone14 Plus at 6.7 inches. It will also be available in 5 colours, Midnight, Blue, Purple, Starlight and Red. Like all other iPhones lately, this version also comes with a Pro model. The iPhone14 Pro also comes out in 2 sizes, 6.1 inches and the iPhone Pro Max in 6.7 inches. However, the colours slightly vary offering choices between Deep Purple, Gold, Silver and Space Black.

While the rest of the details and specifications are up on the Apple website to see. The question remains, how much is it going to cost in Pakistan? According to the Apple website, the iPhone14 ranges from a little over PKR 177,000 to more than PKR 355,000 ($799 to $1599). However, with PTA charges, this cost is going to be much more. According to PTA, a tax on each phone will be at least PKR 108,000 and up to PKR 132,000, shooting up the price of iPhone14 in Pakistan. The addition of the PTA tax pushes the iPhone14 charges to a range between PKR 285,000 and PKR 487,000. Now that is a lot of money!

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So will you be buying the new iPhone14? Well, that is for you to decide. Apple, undoubtedly, does great marketing about its products and fans of the brand are sure to get their hands on it as soon as pre-bookings are open. But if you’re looking for an upgrade on other products, Apple has also announced a new version of the AirPods 2. Similarly, a new Apple Watch Series 8 have also been released and available for customers to buy later this month. So which one is going to create a hole in your pocket this time around?


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