Heavy Rainfall Engulfs Karachi After Scorching Heatwave

Heavy Rainfall Engulfs Karachi After Scorching Heatwave

Karachi had been witnessing a severe heatwave for the last 3 days with temperatures soaring over 40 degrees. As residents braved to face another day of the scorching sun shining bright over them on Monday morning, a rather surprising turn of events cooled down the temperature with heavy rainfall. Residents of Karachi saw the sky turn to black as thick rain clouds emerged. In an hour, the city was engulfed in heavy rainfall.

This is not the first time it has rained in Karachi this year. According to reports, Karachi has already witnessed a record rainfall this year causing many to lose their lives. Businesses have been severely impacted as the result of the rains. And the recent rain has caused Karachi to go back to square one just as it was picking itself up from the severe monsoon season that has taken over the metropolitan since June 2022.

While the latest spell of rain has helped bring the Karachi temperature down, it poses another threat to the people affected by the floods in Sindh. Over 30 million people have been displaced as a result of the floods caused by intense rains and melting glaciers, who are not housed in relief camps across the country.

About one-third of Pakistan is currently submerged in water while citizens try their best to manage in the deteriorating climate conditions. Relief camps across Karachi will now have to bear with the harsh weather conditions as rains wreck havoc in the city and the province of Sindh once again. Relief efforts directed towards the rural areas will also witness a delay as transport and collection points will pose another set of challenges to get the essentials across.

Residents are advised to excise caution and not head out of their homes unless absolutely needed. Please also be mindful of any open wires or electricity sockets to avoid accidents.


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