5 Sudanese Influencers You Should Check Out


This article is a convenient one-stop-shop for all things beautiful and Sudanese. Here are 5 sudanese influencers that you need to check out!


5. Travellingsudania

Travellingsudania, known as Marwa, is a London-based Sudanese photographer with real talent. Her page seems to shine a light on the beautiful Sudanese traditions and culture, and the striking but commonly overlooked details people seem to miss. Her page follows a very relaxing theme such as nature, calming and thought-provoking images that would work beautifully hung up on a wall, or even used as a reference for artists looking for inspiration for their next piece. Seriously gorgeous and nostalgic photography, you’ll definitely want to see more! Find Marwa on Instagram: @travellingsudania.

4. Eitholicious

Ready for some seriously intense cravings? If the answer is yes, you can safely head over to this talented food bloggers page. Eithar Magdi is constantly cooking up original, delicious, and easy to follow recipes at her blog. You’ll find an abundance of the most mouth-watering treats such as cupcakes, cakes, cookies and biscuits. She also works her magic with the savoury stuff, making complex dishes look super easy to make. Theres even a variety of delicious foods from ethnic cuisines such as the Jamaican Beef Patty and Turkish Borek!

We didn’t forget about you dieting peeps! There are recipes on her page that cater to you too, can I get an Amen? Find Eithar on Instagram:


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3. The Confluence

All right, this page in one word? Original. We have seen nothing like page and we doubt you would have too!

The page belongs to Noon, who creates a variety of eye catching art pieces that are bound to stun you. Lately, we notice she has had a focus on Islamic art. She uses crisp-lines and symmetry, making her pieces perfectly fitting for a minimalistic home look and feel. On top of that, she does commissions for couples and art with a focus on Sudanese culture, which is something that we cant seem to get enough of!

2. KashtaLabPodcast

Ran by Sudanese husband and wife, Ola Labib and Ramey Daoud, KashtaLabPodcast is definitely a breath of fresh air. Easy to access, weekly Spotify podcasts on super interesting topics? How about yes!

The topics they choose for their podcasts are very well thought out, awareness raising and ENTERTAINING! Topics on first hand wont be very Sudan-focused, or they might strike you as that, but there always seems to be a link to the motherland in these podcasts, which is something that we appreciate coming from the Diaspora content creating pool.

Doing your make-up or cooking? You know where to go!


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1. Craftzone SD

In need of Summertime tops and accessories? We’ve got you! Craftzone is the place to head to. Owned by Nahla, craftzone produces an array of made-with-love handmade clothing and accessories. Anything from chokers, necklaces, bracelets, rings, and the famous crochet tops, sweaters and handbags. Whilst these items can be worn at any time of the year, they are especially suitable for summer because of their light and airy material, bright colours and overall super-chic and summery vibe! We love it and cant wait to get our hands on this cuteness!



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And thats all for now! From photographers to recipe creators and artists, this article was only the tip of the ice berg when it comes to Sudanese talent, but it sure is a great place to start to know more!

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Written By Nasreen Hamid


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