50 Beautiful Pictures of Sudan That Will Make You Fall More In Love With The Country


We’ve scrolled through pages and pages on the internet to put together this article that can only bring you an INCH of the beauty the country currently has.

From the various ecosystems Sudan fosters, to the meeting of the Niles, and the incredible architecture that has withstood years, just scroll a little and you’ll understand why we’re Lovin it a lot.

50 – Nothing like overlooking the entire city…

49 – Sunsets by the River Nile

48 – Beautiful traditions that can be spotted anywhere

47 – The stillness at Al Mahdi’s Tomb

46 – The meeting of the two Niles in Khartoum

45 – The National Museum of Sudan

44 – The magnificent architecture in Kafouri

43 – Views from the Nile


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42 – Chilling in Tuti Island

41 – The nature & wild-life

40 – When you catch that sunset…


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39 – The history and culture that oozes out of the great University of Khartoum!

38 – A moment of pure stillness

37 – The constant busy roads


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36 – Sunsets like you’ve never seen before


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35 – A culture that cannot be missed


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34 – The Magnificent Grand Mosque

33 – Did you know that the Lost Pyramids are now a UNESCO World Heritage Site?


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32 – The crystal blue waters in Eastern Sudan

31 – The pure enjoyment of the little things

30 – The deserted town of Old Dongola

29 – We can never get enough of the reefs in Port Sudan

28 – One for all the sunset lovers

27 – St. Matthew’s Cathedral


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26 – The numerous mosques found in central Khartoum

25 – The hustle and bustle of the capital city

24 – The Presidential Palace dates back to 1936

23 – Undisrupted views all the time

22 – Nothing like seeing all of it’s glory from the top

21 – The stillness of life makes us appreciate all the beautiful moments

20 – The airport still remains to be one of our favourite places!

19 – Khartoum after-dark is so beautiful

18 – The country of prosperity and agriculture

17 – Innovative design solutions that you’ve DEFINITELY not seen anywhere else!

16 – The greenery is REAL

15 – The entrance channel into Port Sudan – the Sanganeb Lighthouse

14 – El-Obeid, the world capital of gum arabic!

13 – Now, that’s what we call a vibe…

12 – Purple skies spotted in Atbara

11 – The infamous hangouts at Nile Street are moments you’ll never forget

10 – Masgid Al Noor, the Mosque of Light

9 – Nothing like being in the HEART of the capital

8 – So much history to uncover and learn about

7 – And the trips around the country get more exciting each time!

6 – Incase you haven’t been to the Red Sea yet…

5 – Atbara is a whole other adventure that you need to embark on

4 – Moments that will ALWAYS put a smile on our faces

3 – Whether it’s during the day or even at night, the immaculate vibes are ALWAYS there

2 – The hills in Kassala are a sight to see!

1 – Closing with the biggest gem of all times

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