Check Out This Exotic Bird Sanctuary In The Heart Of Khartoum

Marshall Nature Reserve

Marshall Nature Reserve

Akram Yehia is the owner and founder of Marshall Nature Reserve, a bird sanctuary welcoming visitors to learn about exotic birds.

The sanctuary is located in his home yard and is designed to mirror the natural habitat of over 100 exotic birds it hosts, from 13 different species, including ornamental birds and unique parrots. It is a 400 square meter reserve with a height of 10 meters, installed with mist nozzles and a captivating garden pond to protect the birds from Khartoum’s heat. The Marshall Nature Reserve is described as the first protected habitat in the country!



The First Protected Habitat in the Country

Akram has dedicated over three years researching exotic birds to best support and cater them in their new home. He spent this time understanding the best conditions that can make this home a safe environment for a variety of different species and recreating an ecosystem, in which they can thrive.

Akram emphasizes the importance of environmental protection and wildlife preservation amidst rapidly increasing climate change that greatly impacts the ecosystems of many species.



Akram is motivated to raise awareness

One of Akram’s key goals is educating the community and specifically children who frequently visit his sanctuary about exotic birds. Many children and visitors who come are for the first time experiencing close proximity with the birds, and Akram strives to ease their comfort when around the birds while giving them the space to feed and play with the birds.

His mission is raising awareness on the importance of nature and it’s many miracles to remind children about their responsibility towards environmental protection.

Be sure to visit the Marshall Nature Reserve!

Be prepared to see an African grey Parrot, Meyers, Ring-necked parakeet, rosella birds, and red-rumped parrots at the reserve.




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From the greenery in the garden, to the handcrafted birdhouses and the harmony of singing birds, you can expect a time nothing short of joy when visiting the Marshall Nature Reserve in Khartoum!


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