Check Out This Traveller’s Experience As He Roams Sudan

Traveler In Sudan

Traveller Harith In Sudan

Harith AlShereiqi recently visited Sudan and shared his journey with his instagram followers, here are some of the highlights from his trip.

He learned about some of the rich and diverse traditions of Sufism in Sudan and attended some of the religious ceremonies, including the Noaba.



Sudanese Wrestling!

Not many people may know about traditional Sudanese wrestling, but here you can see the popularity of the sport and feel the energy of the crowds as they cheer on.

A trip around the Kingdom

As we’ve said before, the Pyramids in Sudan are a must visit, and a great way to learn about the deep history of the country. Harith was sure to witness the majesty hidden in the desert and explore the history of the Kushite Kingdom.

It’s no surprise knowing the infinite generosity of Sudanese people, that he was invited to a wedding and got to attend the ceremony! He shares some of the moments from his time there.

Here you’ll see him in traditional Sudanese Clothing, the Jalabiya and I’ma, showing it off to his followers!

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