Looking Beyond Asma Elbadawi’s Sports Activism

Asma Elbadawi

Widely known for her contribution and leadership in FIBA Allow Hijab Campaign for women’s professional basketball, Asma Elbadawi has since then, been shining on billboards globally due to her success. 


More Than A Baller

Asma Elbadawi is a woman of many talents, she is a basketball player, a visual artist, a model, writer and poet.

Her writings are thematic and are shared with an intention to raise awareness and open dialogues. She covers a range of topics, to name a few, she explores eating disorders, dyslexia, anxiety, inclusivity and more. Asma pledges to use her visibility to continue sending a message of hope to the world. 


Asma’s Activism Beyond The Court

Asma collaborated with @madebydyslexia to name the challenges she faced in early education. She expresses what dyslexia means to her and contrasts it to the red markings that were all over her writings in the classroom. But these very same markings for Asma, later turned to self-empowerment that ripples until today. In raising awareness to others that Dyslexia is a strength that is home to innovation and creativity, the viewer is left to reflect on the power of the Dyslexic mind. Beautiful work!

Behind The Screens

Through fusing photography, writing and filmmaking, she is more than just a visual artist. Asma invites the viewer to feel her moments of vulnerability. She continues to explore photography from different angles, from behind the camera as the visionary, to modeling and standing firm. 

A consistent drive for Asma, has been representing the diversity in one’s abilities and fighting monoliths to increase visibility of Muslim women on the screen. 

To learn more about Asma, visit her website https://www.asmaelbadawi.com/ and dive into her poetry book Belongings, a must read! For more juicy and recent updates find Asma on Instagram @asmaelbadawi!


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