Sudan Airways Over The Years

Sudan Airways

Looking Back

It’s always fun to reminisce over the past, so here’s a quick trip down memory lane picture- tracing back some moments of Sudan Airways!


Sudan Airways, also known as Sudan-Air, is the national airline of the country and took quite the journey back in the days.

Kicking it back a little, Sudan Air In Frankfurt, Germany Sudan Airways appears in this picture.


Another peak, Showing Boeing 707 this time from Heathrow Airport, London in 1974, a quite popular destination for Sudan Airways then!


Quite the European tour right? This trail shows us Sudan Airways again in Frankfurt in 1987.

Followed by a Boeing 707 spotted this time cruising through Rome, Italy at Leonardo da Vinci Airport (Rome–Fiumicino International Airport) in 1986.

Scenic finale on Sudan Airways

And last but not least, a glimpse from Sudan Airways Boeing 737 over Athens, Greece in 1989! 

It’s always fun digging a little back and seeing what the past holds. We loved this quick journey tracing back some of the trips Sudan Airways took, shout out to PastSudans for this insightful thread!


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