7 Things That Make Sudanese Culture Different Than The Rest

Sudanese Culture


Sudan is an Afro-Arab country, known for its diversity and the most interesting demographics. The diversity of the people and the culture are one of the most beautiful features of the country.

So here are Seven things about Sudanese culture that we all love: 


7. Sudanese Weddings

Pretty sure the first thing that pops into your head when Sudani culture is the subject! 

Sudanese weddings are known for their beautiful ceremonies, all starting with the Groom’s Henna where both the male and female parties participate in the ritual of putting henna on your hands and feet.

Also, another major part of these weddings, and everyone’s favourite is the Jertik! This usually takes place after the main wedding ceremony, where the newly weds change into traditional outfits and celebrate their matrimony in an exclusive setting. 

6. Sudanese Hospitality

You would think that Sudanese hospitality is a normalised habit, but when the world revealed how some cultures react to guests…You need to know that Sudanese are not only generous, but they would go out of their way to always put their guests first!


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5.  Ramadan Vibes in Sudan

By far,  this is the thing that all Sudanese people can agree on!

Ramadan is different in Sudan – try to be on the road by the time you break your fast and count how many times you will be stopped to join strangers who are dining on the streets.

4. Sudanese Traditional Clothing 

We also have some beautiful cultural outfits that combine both African and Arabic touches. With over 500 tribes in Sudan, the diversity between them is magnificent, with everyone dressing in their own special patterns.


3. Politeness and Humility

For the longest we can remember, Sudanese people have earned a very unique reputation wherever they are. In the Gulf they are known to have a “strange kindness”. Not only diasporas earned this title but across Sudan as well.

The Sudanese have always been there for each other, and for strangers. No matter the circumstances, Sudanese people always wear a smile and their dignity with pride.

2. Sudanese Music

Sudanese music has always made a stand. Being so rich and varied since the times of our parents and grand parents. From the traditional, rural African and Arabic roots, to Western influences.

In the last few years, a lot of young new artists have surfaced taking Sudanese music to a whole new level. Shoutout to Sammany Hajo real quick for transferring Haqeeba to a new generation (Stream it here)!


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1. Sudanese Social Unity

Sudanese social unity and sense of community has been something that has been slept on as a culture but only noticed when missed. Sudanese funerals, weddings, even small gatherings can never be less than 100 people. The extended family is the individual normal family. Wherever they may be, community is always built!

Sudan is one of the richest countries when it comes to culture. Working hard to define themselves as both Arabs and Africans, the Sudanese have reached a point where they were able to combine both amazing roots into a beautiful culture.


Written By Waad Barakat




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