5 Sudanese Fashion Designers That We Absolutely Love

Five Sudanese Designers

Since summer is here, we’ve officially started working on our wardrobes! This is the best time of the year to begin expanding your wardrobe, and at the same time, support some Sudanese designers!

5. Amna’s Wardrobe

Founded by Amna Hamadto in 2018, Amna’s Wardrobe is a fashion brand that offers the most elegant special, occasion modest clothing (think Eid and Ramadan get-togethers and wedding guest attire!) If you’re a lover of bright colours and fun patterns and textures, then we’ve found the right place for you to start shopping. Did we forget to mention that this designer also offers a beautiful range of Toubs?

Check her website out: https://www.amnahamdto.com/ 


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4. Zaza Kamal Designs

Nothing beats traditional, which is why we had to add Zaza Kamal to this list. If you are a woman that is looking for a Toub to wear on your next occasion, Zaza Kamal’s designs will surely be the one to turn heads. Recently having one of her latest collections shown at the fashion show that took place at Expo 2020 Sudan Pavilion in Dubai, her designs undoubtedly stole the lights from the show. Bedazzled, colourful, and simply stunning!

3. Diba Clothing

Diba Clothing takes home the prize when it comes to making the perfect fusion between traditional Sudanese attire and modern-day fashion. This brand provides a beautiful variety of high-quality tops, tunics, dresses, and more. Each one of these eye-catching pieces is trendy and unique yet encompasses a touch of Sudan by including traditional patterns and fabrics. A ten out of ten.

PS: Check out Diba’s Instagram page if you’d like to attend an in-person fashion show by the River Nile showcasing her designs as one of her upcoming events!


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2. Boutique De Nana

An award-winning Sudanese designer that makes SUSTAINABLE clothing? Sign me up! Boutique De Nana offers breath-taking pieces that can be worn for every occasion you can think of. These designs are incredibly elegant, bold, empowering, and are all about celebrating Sudan, Africa, and women! What more can you ask for? The main aim of the designer of this brand, Yousra Elsadig, is to marry different cultures and ideas and to simply spread love.


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1. La’leenah

Ladies! Keep an eye out for this designer’s latest collection if you’re on the lookout for elegant dresses to wear during Eid-Ul-Adha 2022. Founded by Leenah Al Mansoury and the winner of “Design for Dubai” 2018, La’leenah brings timeless and delicate pieces that will surely make any girl feel like absolute royalty. Every piece is meticulously crafted to perfection using top-quality fabrics which makes this designer a winner in both the quality and style departments!

And that’s a wrap! Five Sudanese fashion designers we absolutely love. These hardworking creators are doing great things and are guaranteed to have you looking your best no matter the occasion.


Written By Yasmeen Hamid


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