Getting To Know The C!rcle And What They’ve Been Up To

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Who are The C!rcle?

The C!rcle is a Sudanese collective of four creative artists based internationally, who have been producing and releasing some of the most memorable experiences to many fans from the city, and around the world. 


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Through close relations and the exciting emergence of Sudanese artists who were stepping it up on the scene, AidyProof worked to put together these members in one room and make the music happen. They obviously hit it off on a vibe and AidyProof, G-Salih, Eaz Da Bully & Aka Keyz made it officially The C!rcle.

Their rather unique name was inspired by the idea that every member of the organisation completes one another, hence there being no “top or bottom”.

In our recent talks with AidyProof, we dived right in and asked him about how the group has been working together creatively to make their hits – “Whether it’s speaking out about the current events, or just going with the flow, we’re always creating as much as possible when we’re together, and then working to make sure it gets out there in one of our many projects.”



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“A symbol of persistence towards a goal or a dream”

What The Sudanese Artists Have Been Up To

The C!rcle is focused on making original music, and sending different messages through their songs on current trends and personal matters.

They have an impressive collection of songs which include DOWN 2NITE, LOVE A LIL’, BIG WHIP alongside various exciting features from A 249 Experience, Vol 1.

Commendable milestones for The C!rcle so far has been opening up for American rapper, Bas to a sold-out venue in Sudan as well as sharing the stage with Gaidaa, Flipper, Rotation, Maman, TooDope249, and many more interesting artists.


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A Lil Bit of Wisdom

From a fanbase that keeps growing, to receiving international recognition for their wonderful tours, we’re super excited to see The C!rcle continue growing around the globe.

We asked them if they had a little advice for us – and everyone out there:

“Stay original. Don’t erase your identity in order to increase popularity it does not last that way. Be true to you!”



Exciting projects coming

The C!rcle’s debut album which will be titled “3ft. from Gold” is apparently coming out soon and carries a beautiful message about the hard work and persistence that goes towards building a dream together. We’re so excited to listen to it, but in the mean time, check out the group’s latest music video “DISTANCE” which is out now!



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