Al Fashir Continues To Suffer From Severe Clashes Causing Medical Facilities To Shut Down


In a shocking turn of events, all activities at the South Hospital in Al Fasher, North Darfur, have had to halt all activities following a violent attack by the Rapid Support Forces.

On Saturday, soldiers stormed the facility, opening fire and looting essential items, including an MSF ambulance.


The hospital was already suffering

At the time of the attack, the hospital was already in the process of transferring patients and medical services to other facilities, due to the heightened conflicts occuring in the area of Al Fashir. As most patients and medical staff attempted to escape the gunfire, no accurate assessment of casualties has been able to be recorded thus far.


@lovinkhartoum Violence escalates in Al Fashir, North Darfur, with recent attacks on the Abu Shouk camp resulting in casualties and widespread displacement. Civilians endure relentless violence and atrocities, while medical facilities struggle to cope. According to @doctorswithoutborders, this has been the most violent the clashes have been, with over 100 deaths already recorded. #lovinkhartoun #lovinsudan #sudan #keepeyesonsudan #sudanwar #darfur ♬ original sound – Lovin Khartoum

The violation has sparked outrage within the humanitarian community

Calls for warring parties to respect medical facilities and personnel have been asked to be respected, as promised during the Jeddah declaration. With the closure of the South Hospital, there has been only limited alternative facilities available to treat the war-wounded in neighbouring communities.

The capacity to handle mass casualties in Sudan has become severely strained


The suspension of operations at South Hospital serves as a stark reminder of the challenges faced by the Ministry of Health and humanitarian organisations operating in these conflict zones – as MSF and other agencies continue to attempt navigating these conditions, the need for sustained support and advocacy for the protection of healthcare services remain paramount.

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