Check Out The Sudanese Talent In Doha Right Now!


Sudanese Talent in Qatar

Recently, several Sudanese artists, designers and athletes based in and outside Sudan have brought home several wins in Qatar. Check out what they have been up to lately and stat up to date with their journeys.

Glam designs

Eilaf, a Sudanese designer showcased her work on a global platform and was honoured and recognised as a Fashion Trust Arabia Accessories Winner 2022, in Doha, Qatar.



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Drip and fits

Another win was Eltayeb’s designs that featured on Vogue Arabia’s cover that were modelled by the incredible Naomi Campbell. Eltayeb was awarded Qatar’s Fashion Trust Arabia 2021 in the talent category, take a peep!

#SudaneseExcellence, am I right?


Sudanese football players participating in the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022 playing for the Qatar National Team!

World cup love

Sudanese artist, Sammany Hajo producing the theme song for #Katara! 

Engineer Behind FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022

Dr Saud Abdulaziz Abdul Ghani is a Sudanese engineer, who designed the outdoor cooling technology at the Qatar World Cup stadiums.

His cooling technologies are used in two stadiums and will be used across the six other World Cup stadiums.

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