Getting To Know Roaa Kamal And Her Artistic Touch


Sudanese artists are renowned for their ability to create captivating and meaningful artworks. Despite the ongoing war that has persisted in Sudan for over 11 months, many displaced artists facing numerous challenges have channeled their energy into their creativity.

Among them, Roaa Kamal, a visual artist, has particularly stood out with her inspiring paintings!

Notable creative in the industry

Roaa Kamal graduated with a bachelor’s degree in arts from Sudan University of Science and Technology (SUST) and has showcased her work in numerous exhibitions both in Sudan and abroad.


Notably, she contributed to the “Yalla Khartoum” event, beautifying the city’s streets with her art. Over the years, Roaa has held four solo exhibitions, starting at the French Cultural Center in 2015, followed by displays at Universal Café and Restaurant in 2016, the Turkish Cultural Center in 2022, and her most recent showcase at the Arabic Cultural Club in Sharjah.

A look around her latest creations

When observing Roaa’s latest paintings, we noticed a pattern – each one of her themes would always extend to only two or three colours at most!

The simplicity and elegance of the way this artist has put together her paintings allows viewers the room of exploration, allowing them to interpret the painting based on their own background, thoughts and feelings.

Roaa explained that this is her special touch.

These paintings hit close to home

Blending Sudanese and Emirati culture in a beautiful merge of colours and characteristics, her latest exhibition gallery featured beautiful projects that reflect her feelings about the ongoing war in Sudan.

One painting, showing a bleeding Sudan, another showing a family with tears, leaning on each other for support, these pieces speak volumes about the resilience of Sudanese folks who have been experiencing the same for the past year.

We’re lovin Roaa’s art!


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