Here Are ALL Our Favourite Sudani Barbie Looks On The Web Right Now!

sudanese barbie

With the Barbie Movie taking over the world right now, we knew that the Sudanese ladies would never let a good trend miss them.

We all know a lot of these ladies know their way around a quality OOTD – so how did they manage to incorporate the new core trend with our beautiful culture? We’re about to show you! 

Let’s take a look at a few especially striking looks that have caught our eye recently! 

Tasabih Diab

The beautiful Tasabih is a digital creator whose love for fashion is very evident on her Instagram page!  

Tasabeeh’s Instagram reel on her four distinct looks is the perfect inspiration for you and your friends to go see the Barbie movie with.  


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Asma Elbadawi  

Our multitalented, versatile inspiration! Asma Elbadawi wowed us by suiting up right on time. 

Look at that suit! 



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Omnia Yonis  

Known for her love for vibrant colours, check out Omnia’s latest makeup look! This was giving Barbie meets Sudan’s most colourful fashion icon!


Ola Elsharif  

Not only did Ola rock an infamous Sudani pink toub from Amna’s Wardrobe, but she also got us covered with a step-by-step pretty in pink makeup tutorial!



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Yusra and Reem  

These digital creators, AKA Ossa and Reemiful hooked us up with the most adorable Barbie best friend duo look!


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Shahd Batal 

A beautiful and modest Barbie was found taking a stroll around the busy streets of Cairo looking more fabulous than ever!


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This nutritional fashionista definitely ATE this Barbie trend and left NO CRUMBS!

We love a health-conscious Sudani Barbie.   

We hope this article has given you all the inspiration you need to Mix & Match and come up with your very own Sudani Barbie recreations!

Interested in more inspiration? Head to our Instagram page where you’ll find a plethora of ideas from creatives that we have single-handedly selected for you!  

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