Creative Spotlight: Sudan’s Trailblazing Singer/Songwriter That’s Redefining Regional Music


At just 22 years old, Sudanese singer/songwriter Mvndila is shattering expectations with his bold and distinctive sound. In a regional music scene dominated by rap and trap, Mvndila emerges as a breath of fresh air, captivating audiences with his unique style and artistic vision.

Needless to say, we’ve been lovin’ the energy of the latest generations and continue to be excited with all their wonderful achievements!

Mvndilla Announces Debut EP “HYDR”: A Journey of Collaboration and Creativity

What sets this project apart is the captivating music and the collaborative effort that went into its creation. Recorded entirely in Sudan, Mvndila’s journey took him through production studios in Egypt, UAE, and Malaysia to finalise the entire project.

The EP boasts heavyweight production credits, featuring notable names such as 77, Sammany, Swish, Khayyat, and MarwanOnTheMoon.



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A Sonic Masterpiece Born from Care and Dedication

The meticulous attention to detail and the dedication poured into “HYDR” is set to be vividly reflected in the sonic landscape of the music. For a year, Mvndila carefully recorded and finalised each track, with the mixing and mastering taking place in Egypt’s renowned Cave Studios. This comprehensive approach only shows the artist’s commitment to creating a standout musical experience for all of his listeners.


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An Eclectic Blend of Sounds

The EP takes listeners on an enchanting musical journey, showcasing Mvndila’s versatility and range as an artist. From the mellow alternative R&B vibes of tracks like “Intro” and “Sxcbnda,” to the powerful drums and compelling delivery of “Cinderella,” and the captivating Sudanese/Afro fusion in “Bako,” each song immerses the listener in a different world of sound and emotion.

Mvndila: Defying Expectations and Leaving His Mark

Mvndila’s debut EP “HYDR” represents his artistry, passion, and determination to stand out in a crowded music scene. By fearlessly embracing his unique sound and fusing diverse musical influences, he is carving a path of his own and captivating audiences along the way.

As Mvndila continues to push boundaries and deliver compelling music, that also shares an impactful collection of emotions, we can’t wait to see what else he has in store for the future.

Stay tuned as Lovin’ Khartoum brings you more exciting updates from remarkable talents like Mvndila who are making their mark.

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