It’s the weekend! You and your loved ones are trying to find the perfect spot for some dinner, entertainment and art… what better melodic journey of jazz, art and laughter would hit like Papa Costa?

Found in the bustling streets in the heart of Khartoum, a haven for admirers of jazz melodies and infectious reggae rhythms…


Who is Papa Costa?

Papa Costa was a Greek immigrant who had moved to Khartoum, Sudan in the early 20th century! He was a passionate music and coffee bean lover. He wanted to bring his authentic Greek coffee taste to Sudan. Costa, therefore, did this by creating a sanctuary of infectious melodies of jazz and a cozy atmosphere.

Papa Costa began to be the meeting place for locals and tourists, artists and activists. People felt comfortable to gather there and discuss literature, politics and culture. Papa Costa was the spot!

The Jazz Band

Casting a spell over the audience with the smooth saxophone and reviving beats of the drums, the ambience created by the blues forever lives in the hearts of whoever dares to step foot into this invigorating cafe. Not one miss by the blues!

Papa Costa’s Reggae Band

As the night went on, the reggae band would ignite the crowd with their infectious spark. The oscillating basslines, the upbeat guitar strings, and the soulful vocals would transport everyone to a tropical paradise.

If this Reggae Night at Papa Costa doesn’t give you chills, then we don’t know what will…the fusion of jazz and reggae at Papa Costa was nothing short of spectacular… Now let’s take a trip down memory lane together!

The Art Gallery

Papa Costa was not just a place for one to enjoy music; it was a sanctuary for diverse artists. The cafe walls were adorned with captivating sculptures, paintings, and photographs, showcasing the talents of Sudan’s artists!

The art gallery at the back of the cafe… provided the most serene space for visitors to immerse themselves in the most creative expressions!

The nights spent at Papa Costa were filled with unforgettable moments. The laughter, the clinking of glasses, and the connection among strangers bonded by a shared love for music, literature, life and art. It was a place where worries melted away in the melodies and time stood still. 

Papa Costa may no longer exist in physical form, but that ambience and spirit live on in the hearts of those who were fortunate enough to experience its magic

Until our lovely Sudan is back and thriving, we’ll always have Mohammed Ali reminding us of our favourite nights in downtown Khartoum.

Mohammed Ali from the OG reggae band is now a musician in the Netherlands! He told us that… 

If I hear the name Papa Costa, it takes me back in my memory. That was the first place that I stood singing in front of people. I remember it like it was yesterday, it was my first time standing there with a band

We also asked Mohammed Ali about the reggae band and his response made us feel that connection that radiated from them whenever they performed!

I’m still in touch with some of the band members. I remember the first time I was thinking of creating a reggae band it was 2019 and I formed the reggae band in 2010 and called it Sudan Roots Band and I remember ALWAYS we used to perform in papa costa and that’s were we built our fan base. It was always cozy and good feelings!

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