Nancy Ajaj Sits With Anas Bukash For An Episode That Revealed All Things Nancy!


A YouTube show that is dedicated to discover the human behind the title by shining the spotlight on the ‘raw’ side of celebrities, achievers and influencers from across the world, Emirati entrepreneur Anas Bukhash just sat with Nancy Ajaj for an episode that Sudanese communities all over the world have eagerly been waiting for.

Nancy Ajaj is an ICONIC Sudanese female artist that has always inspired the people of Sudan, and the region, with her gentle and magical music that transcends borders. Inspiring the youth and elders, Nancy has garnered respect all over the country, and continues to hold one of the largest Sudanese fan bases. 

Anas hosted Nancy on his talk show to speak about what Sudan means to her, her take on marriage and motherhood, the passing of her father and so much more.


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Within an hour of the episode dropping, there was already 10,000 VIEWS!

The first thing Anas noticed was how soft-spoken Nancy is! It is because of that very same voice, people all over the world have effortlessly fallen in love with her music.

Having released folklore and classic music about Sudan’s nation since the birth of her career, Nancy stated that she particularly loved doing this over the years, and found that singing about Sudan, helped birth the most passionate form of her creativity.

“I am good on a personal level, but the circumstances around continue to affect me.”

We particularly enjoyed getting to know the true Nancy

“I’m a very simple person yet difficult at the same time.”

Telling her stories with ever much grace, Nancy told Anas how it’s the little things that continue to move her. Real people and real moments.


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Anas made sure to ask Nancy all the questions

From learning about the hardest decisions she’s had to make, to discussing her charity works, to what she’s learnt from her past marriages – this episode definitely explored all the different aspects of Nancy Ajaj’s life, starting from her childhood, to this very moment.

Catch the full episode on YouTube

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