Brushstrokes of Resilience: Sudanese Art Unveils Perspectives on the Current Situation


Art is a major component in the making of the Sudanese nation. It’s evident that it grows within all of us!

Different forms of art are used to help you heal. We gathered a few of our favourite artists who have been showing off the perfect mediums to help you and your loved ones take something dark, shed light on it and simultaneously transform it into something beautiful…

Khalid Albaih

Sudan’s proudest political cartoonist and activist who’s known for his striking art!

Khalid Albaih has been raising awareness about the barbarities that have occurred in Sudan way before the start of the regime, let alone the war. However, it is evident that through his art Khalid Albaih played a significant role in spreading the word through a few specifically edifying pieces like The Race to the Chair and Dog Fight

What truly stuck out to us was his article Sudan’s Tale Of Men, Gold and Blood where he describes his hometown Omdurman as “the Historical Quarter of the Sudanese capital, Khartoum” and explains the significance of the sacred history of Sudan

Rashid Diab

His extraordinary use of colours reveals the emotions intended to be expressed through his glorious paintings.  Using colours to show sentiment is definitely Rashid Diab’s signature theme. One of his latest creations, Season of Bitter Migration makes us feel the “misery, displacement and pain” that the war has left in all our hearts. 

Now, that’s some art therapy for you.

Dalia Abaasher 

A subtle but powerful creator, Dalia Abaasher is an inspiring self-taught artist who preaches  “a picture’s worth a thousand words”, however, this specific piece is worth a million and more. 

Dalia explains that regardless of the fact she wouldn’t favour mint green in her portraits, the colour snuck up on her whilst creating this piece and she believes it’s solely due to the reminiscence of the homeland. 

From her lens, mint green is a colour you’d find all over public schools, hospitals, mosques and dokkan (shop) doors around the country!

Dahab Saeed 

Sudan’s multi-talented digital creator, cinematographer, illustrator and many more, has been combining different forms of art into masterpieces of significant historical moments combined with some divine Sudanese touches. 

Dahab represents Sudan by showing us that not only is he impeccable at merging divergent forms of art to create one divine masterpiece, but so is Sudan.

Dahab is evidently firsthandendly touched by his pieces before any of us. 

A moment of silence for all our martyrs. 

اللهم ارحم شهدائنا

Sarah Mohammed

The name behind the marvellous page of bnt.alnile. Sarah has contributed to raising awareness of the atrocities that women face in the name of war. 

Her art has been a  perfect medium that survivors of sexual violence have used in order to let their voices be heard and their stories told. 

Through art, Sarah has helped those going through heart-wrenching experiences take a load off their shoulders… 

Amado Alfadni

A visual artist whose love for art stems from using it as a coping mechanism. 

Amado was trying to combine both worlds as an ethnically Sudanese and as an Egypt-born Egyptian by recreating Sudanese photographs into marvellously bright paintings! 

Here’s an example of a Kandake coloured in bright yellows and greens. 

On April 23, 2023, Amado painted his agony in blazing pink and shared it for the world to see.

Yasir Algrai

Currently in Nairobi, Yasir is an impeccable artist walking himself through his emotions with his art. 

Yasir caught our eye with a raw thought manifested into a pop of colour and rightfully named it “physical harmony!” 

We hope this article helped you find the perfect medium for a beautiful outlet despite the current conflicts and atriocities ongoing in Sudan.

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