5 Sudanese Artists That You Need To Check Out!

Sudanese Artists

Sudan is a country of youth and revolutionary creativity, and as such is the birthplace of many beautiful forms of art. Here are five people that show off all that Sudanese talent!

5. Reem Al Jeally

Reem Al Jeally’s work is known for being vibrant, unique, and is guaranteed to speak to your spirit. Having developed her own artistic style and je ne sais quoi, she excels in the world of contemporary art. Her talent has given her opportunities to not only showcase her work in multiple galleries in Sudan, but also internationally collected or exhibited in countries such as The United States, Kenya, South Africa, Qatar and France. Aside from all this, Reem is a genuine patron of the art scene around her, as she has delved into the curatorial line and has since curated various exhibitions and programs through the Muse Multi Studios and Bait Al Nisa.

Check out more of her work on her website: http://reemaljeally.com/.

4. Mohammed ElAwad

Mohammed ElAwad, better known as Moe Da Vinvci, is an artist nothing short of a magician. His work is mainly centered on hyperrealism, which may or may not have you mixing up real photographs with his artwork! His work has been reposted and recognised by big-time celebs such as Gabriel Macht (The real-life Harvey Spectre!), Patrick J Adams, and none other than Balqees Fathi. You’ll definitely want to see more; find him on Instagram at @moe_davinci, where he also accepts commissions.


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3. Khalid Al Baih

Khalid Albaih or Khalid Wad Albaih is a Sudanese political cartoonist, civil rights activist and freelance journalist, who was raised in Doha, Qatar. A master of visual satire, Khalid uses his cartoons to shed light on  political matters of Khartoum and the world at large. An established veteran of his craft he has been published widely in The Atlantic, PRI, and NPR, to name a few. Khalid publishes his work under his page Khartoon! – wordplay for Cartoon and Khartoum. Pretty neat, right?

2. Dahlia Abdelilah

Dahlia is another artist whose paintings are ones to catch your eye. She is a self-taught Khartoum-based artist who uses a range of styles to create paintings that are surely bound to bewilder you. Her styles include black and white illustrations, and oil paintings that have a unique touch exuding femininity and fantasy. Her paintings shout originality, and always seem to successfully communicate the beauty of Sudanese tradition in one way or another.


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1. Mutaz al-Fateh

Sudanese artist Mutaz al-Fateh is a vibrant painter with a twist. He loves to use natural ingredients to make the paint he uses from coffee grounds, tea leaves and fruit peel. Many of his paintings showcase colours derived from the fruits of trees popular in Sudan, such as the infamous doum palm tree, and ground fruit from the baobab tree (Tabaldi lovers, anyone?)

Fateh’s work offers a range of images such as Sudanese people in traditional clothing all the way to abstract paintings. This artist’s work is a fusion of eco-friendly, eye-catching and original. We’re SOLD!


We hope this article helped with your journey to discovering raw Sudanese talent. Sudan at large surely is a melting pot of artists of all sorts that are guaranteed to impress in one way or another!


Written By Nasreen Hamid


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