Sudan’s Olympic Glory: These Athletes Are Ready to Shine in Paris 2024!


Sudan has a proud tradition of participating in the Olympics since 1960. Over the years, Sudanese athletes have represented their country with distinction in various disciplines, ranging from track and field to wrestling and judo.

Each athlete’s journey to qualify for the Olympics is a testament to their dedication, perseverance, and unwavering determination to excel against formidable international competition!

This year, they are preparing for success once again

For the upcoming 2024 Olympics, The Sudanese Olympic Committee has been instrumental in providing support, training facilities, and coaching expertise to nurture talent and foster a conducive environment for athletic development.

Just check out all the great achievements they’ve previously had!


Athletes to Watch

For the upcoming 2024 Olympics, Sudan will have three different contestants participating – highlighting Sudan’s emerging talents and potential on a global platform.

Rana Saadeldin will be participating at the Women’s 100m freestyle

The pool events are set to start on July 27 to August 4, and will take place at the Paris La Défense Arena, with the two-day marathon swimming (August 8 and 9) staged at Pont Alexandre III through the Seine River.


Ziyad Saleem will also be swimming at the Men’s 100m backstroke

Yaseen Abdalla will be representing Sudan at the Men’s marathon! 

The contestants have definitely been getting into the vibe to show off their athletic skills for the whole world to see!



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Each of these contestants has undergone qualification processes to earn their spot on the Olympic roster, showcasing Sudan’s commitment to putting together a competitive team, despite tough times.

Stay tuned as we witness these three shine on the global stage, as they go on a journey to achieve Olympic glory!

Best of luck 🇸🇩

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