The Autumn Weather Has Just Arrived to Khartoum!


As we progress through July, Khartoum is experiencing an unusual weather pattern for this time of year! Typically characterised by relentless heat and clear skies, the capital city of Sudan is now seeing some cloudy days, hinting at a transition towards more autumnal weather.

The city of Omdurman is set to be pretty cloudy over the next couple of days


The weather has slightly shifted

While daytime temperatures still reach high levels, averaging around 39°C to 44°C, the presence of rain and clouds has provided occasional relief from the intense sun! Nighttime temperatures have also become more bearable, often dropping to around 29°C to 32°C.

The cloud cover is expected to continue for the next ten days, bringing with it a slight reduction in the intensity of the sun’s rays during the day. This pattern is quite unusual for Khartoum in July, a month typically dominated by clear skies and extreme heat!


@lovinkhartoum Beautiful weather in Omdurman these days! 🥺 Everyone is outside enjoying the rain and pleasant temperatures🌦 Vibes captured via @alktyabi yesterday in Omdurman 📷❤️ #lovinkhartoum #lovinsudan #omdurman #khartoum #sudan ♬ original sound – Lovin Khartoum

Signs of an early Autumn

Meteorologists are suggesting that this change might be an early sign of autumn for the country. The city’s weather patterns are notoriously harsh, but the recent conditions hint at a shift towards cooler and more comfortable weather.

This AI-generated picture really shows off the cloudy season in the country

Residents are quite happy with the weather right now

It’s just the right temperature for everyone to enjoy their time. If you know, you know!


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