Top Places To Take Your Date Out In K-City


A Lovin Khartoum Valentine’s Day special!



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Looking to take your loved one out for the day? Whether it is your mother, dearest friend or significant other, here at Lovin we have recommendations suitable for any reader.

Although we all appreciate a lively brunch at our USUAL spots… it is time for you to break out of this cycle and try go somewhere new for a change.

Lovin’s personal favourites are:

1. Mojo Gallery

Location: Intersection of McNimir Rd with Africa Rd, Khartoum

Opening Hours: Saturday to Thursdays, 10AM – 9AM. 

2. Dabanga

Location: 15th Street, Amarat, Khartoum

Opening Hours: 9AM – 9PM


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Both of the galleries mentioned above are extremely rich in personality – from the traditional interior design to the art displayed inside and the hospitality that you are greeted with which is usually standard when going to establishments in our warm city.

We won’t say too much about the paintings, you’ll just have to see those for yourselves.

Next on the list is… *drum roll please* 🥁

3. Al Ameery Restaurant

Location: Al Ma3rad St

Opening Hours: 4PM – 1AM


This outdoor restaurant is discrete and is a great environment to be in! The menu offers guests fresh juices, exciting meal options, and a special selection of desserts that they have just added to their menu!

Another place we adore which also happens to sell fresh juice…

4. Abushaker Café

Location: Riyadh, Abdallah AlTayeb

And we recommend you getting the Summer Frenzy!


5. Homeburg

Location: Abdullah Altayeb St, West of 117 Intersection

Opening Hours: 5PM – 3AM

We are STILL extremely excited to have our very own Drive-Thru, given to us by this latest venue which is no older than just a few months now…



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Finally, we also have…

6. Jeeb M’ak

Location: Riyadh, Street 117

This street tea shop has immaculate vibes! Sources have mentioned to us that there is always a local artist who is performing so not only are you well fed but also well entertained.

The dough balls served here are like no other, the customer is offered different options to choose from with different coatings for each dough ball.

That concludes our Lovin Valentines day special, hopefully you can surprise your loved ones and have a lovely Lovin day.

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Written by Danya Osman.


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