It’s Been Almost a Full Year of Challenges Whilst Navigating Sudan’s Ongoing Crisis


As we edge closer to marking a full year since the outbreak of conflict in Sudan on April 15, 2023, the grim reality of the situation cannot be understated. The numbers and reports from the ground paint a distressing picture of the largest displacement crisis in the world, horrifying atrocities, and escalating hunger and food insecurity.

It’s important to show love to Sudan during this time.

As you look and delve into this journey, you’ll be confronted by glimpses of resilience that define the spirit of the Sudanese people.

There has been displacement, and disruption across the entire country

Over 9 million people have been displaced internally in Sudan since the conflict erupted, contributing to a total of 10.7 million individuals displaced both within and outside the country. The crisis has been highlighted by a variety of organisations, emphasising the urgent need for humanitarian support, and protection.

Communities across Sudan have been affected

Heartbreaking reports from research experts have revealed instances of ethnic cleansing, particularly affecting communities in Sudan’s West Darfur region. The loss of approximately 15,000 lives is set to become a stark reminder of the human cost of this conflict.



Millions of people are currently at risk

The impact of the conflict this past year has extended to essential services such as food, healthcare, and education.

The healthcare system in Sudan has been severely impacted, resulting in limited access to essential medical services, contributing to outbreaks of measles, malaria, dengue fever, and cholera across multiple states. Over 70% of hospitals in Khartoum and neighbouring states have been completely shut down.


Nearly 18 million people face acute food shortages

The cost of essential food items have skyrocketed, with prices reaching 228% higher than previous years, leaving millions of Sudanese families struggling to access basic nutrition as reported by the World Food Programme (WFP).



19 million children are out of school, and millions more are at risk of violence, with urgent interventions needed to safeguard the lives and futures of these generations.


Standing in solidarity is really important right now

Sudanese communities all over the world have continued to come together to help spread awareness on the situation, and encourage others to stand in solidarity with Sudan. Immediate action is needed to help protect civilian lives and work towards sustainable peace, and with Sudan being labeled as ‘The Forgotten War’, there’s no other time but now for us to come together and start making a difference.


@lovinkhartoum Groups have been rallying in London every Sunday in order to show their solidarity and support against the ongoing atrocities that have been taking place all over #Sudan since April 15 of last year 💔 🎥 via @izuokay #lovinkhartoum #lovinsudan #mysudan #khartoum #mykhartoum #sudanese #sudanesediaspora #londonforsudan #freesudan ♬ original sound – Lovin Khartoum

The stories of resilience have continued to show us hope

Despite the challenges, stories of resilience have emerged from every corner of Sudan. Communities have come together support one another, demonstrating the strength and unity that continues to define the Sudanese people.

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As we close in on the last few days of Ramadan, it’s important to remember those currently suffering, and to extend a helping hand.

This time last year, diaspora across the world were gearing up to spend the Eid holidays in Sudan, but instead, ended the Holy Month of 2023 receiving the terrifying news that a crisis had broken out.

This year, Eid-Al-Fitr will look significantly different at home, and millions within, and outside of Sudan, will bare the emotions that come with that.


Here’s how you can help make a change

Staying informed and educated about the largest updates about the ongoing crisis is important, sharing posts that contain verified information, as well as donating to initiatives that you know will reach those in need immediately.


@yassmin_am This is not a sponsored post – I don’t personally benefit from any of these recommendations, just want to highlight folks who are doing vital work in #Sudan. Thanks so much for all your support and #KeepEyesOnSudan ♬ original sound – yassmin abdel-magied


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