War and Flooding Leaves People of Sudan Trapped, Unable to Flee


As Sudan grapples with the war and now devastating floods, millions of people find themselves trapped and unable to flee. The situation is dire, with many seeking refuge in camps and neighboring countries, as highlighted by the UNHCR.

Seeking Shelter

The most recent humanitarian crisis in Sudan has forced more than 55,000 people to flee from Sinja Town, south of Khartoum, as the violence continues to spread. In response, the UNHCR has revised its appeal from $1.4 billion to $1.5 billion to provide essential aid to those affected.



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Escaping the brutal conflict

The conflict in Sudan, which began over 450 days ago, has led to daily exodus due to violent clashes between the Sudanese Armed Forces (SAF) and Rapid Support Forces (RSF). Thousands are fleeing brutal violence, death, and have very limited access to humanitarian aid.

Reports have indicated that armed men are looting homes, shops, and occupied government buildings, adding to the insecurity in across the country.


Finding refuge

Many families have found relative safety in Port Sudan. However, the crisis continues as only 19% of the required funds for UNHCR’s response have been received, leading to drastic cuts in food rations.

In the Central African Republic, 24,000 refugees are without aid, while 180,000 in Chad await relocation.In Egypt, nearly 75,000 refugee children are not enrolled in school, and South Sudan’s camps are overcrowded. Neighboring countries, despite their solidarity, face overstretched services, making it challenging for refugees to settle and rebuild their lives.

Since the conflict began, 10 million people have been displaced within Sudan. Of these, nearly two million have sought refuge in neighboring countries, while 7.7 million remain internally displaced.



Flooding starts to devastate Southeast Sudan

On July 9, 2024, torrential flooding battered southeastern Sudan, particularly Kassala. Witnesses reported entire villages underwater and homes collapsing after a dirt barrier, acting as a makeshift dam, gave way.

This is the first major weather event of Sudan’s rainy season.

The flooding follows increased rainfall in Eritrea, which feeds the Gash River. The World Meteorological Organization has predicted above-normal rainfall for the Greater Horn of Africa this summer, exacerbating the situation in Sudan’s flood-prone areas.



International Response Needed

The international community must step up to provide the necessary support to alleviate this humanitarian crisis! The combined effects of war and natural disasters have left Sudan teetering on the brink of all-out famine, with millions in desperate need of assistance. Neighboring countries have shown great solidarity, but the scale of the crisis requires a coordinated global effort.


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