Almost 300 Days of Conflict And Sudan Is Still Suffering From A Complete Blackout


Sudan is experiencing a complete blackout in its telecommunications.

Zain, the country’s pioneering network communications operator, formerly known as Mobitel, released a statement addressing the prolonged period of unstable connectivity. Other major network companies have also issued statements, attributing the disruption to reasons beyond their control.


MTN, Sudani and Canar have also reported that their services have been temporarily halted until further notice.

The telecom blackout has severe implications for daily life, hindering communication, information flow, and access to essential services such as Bankak. Residents and businesses are grappling with the sudden loss of connectivity, exacerbating the challenges already faced by the people of Sudan.

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For the last few years, the internet penetration in Sudan has been estimated to be accessible to roughly half of the entire population of the country. In 2024, an estimated amount of ONLY 8.6M internet users have been registered. Since the start of the ongoing conflict, Sudanese citizens and residents have had almost little to no connection to the outside world.



The ongoing conflict has caused over 9 million people to become displaced, with very little humanitarian access being provided to those on the ground.

Attacks on healthcare facilities have disrupted crucial services exacerbating health challenges even further – International organisations as well as home-grown initiatives are continuing to work hard in order to raise awareness to the crisis and secure the necessary funds to help those desperately in need.



Sudanese citizens have taken refuge in other places around the region, seeking shelter after suffering the consequences of the ongoing conflict



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Whilst others are still suffering in the midst of the clashes that continue to take place in Khartoum, Omdurman, Kassala, ElFashir, El Geneina, and many more cities and homes since April 15, 2023.

February 9, 2024, this Friday will mark 300 days since the onset of this war.




With over 13,000 lives lost already, Sudan currently faces a dire situation, where women and children are particularly vulnerable to sexual and gender-based violence. As starvation and diseases also surge at alarming rates, there have been profound concerns for the future of the country.



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It’s important to keep an eye out on the current crisis in Sudan, and always check in with your fellow Sudani friends during a time like this.

With families and friends being seperated and driven apart for now almost a year, Sudanese people all over the world have been directly affected by this conflict. For almost 10 months people have been attempting to navigate through it all, and making the best out of very limited resources.



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