Have You Seen These Electric-Powered Rickshaws Around Town?

Electric Powered Rickshaws

A Sudanese entrepreneur, Mohamed Samir successfully introduces eco-friendly rickshaws to the city of Khartoum.

Electric Rickshaws In Sudan!

Mohamed Samir, a Sudanese entrepreneur, has recently worked in developing the game and taking it to the next level with his electrically-powered rickshaws in Sudan.

Known for being one of the most common uses of transport across Sudan, rickshaws have been a reliable go-to source, but with the rising costs of fuel, they’ve become harder to maintain and have posed as a challenge for those driving them for their livelihoods.

This Solution Is Environmentally Friendly AND Cost-Efficient!

Mohamed has been diligent with his work, and has continued to address the many issues that pushed rickshaw drivers out of business – by installing solar panels on the upper over-head of the rickshaw, the vehicle was able to be battery operated.

With a large concentration of the traditional rickshaw in the city, it has been detrimental to the environment. But with this fascinating design? Mohamed was able to hit it all!

Motivated by addressing the rising costs of fuel and reducing the harmful environmental impact this delivery by Mohamed Samir has been quite a commendable journey.

Taking only a minimum of eight hours to fully charge, these rickshaws are ready to set off and go! We love seeing the work of Sudanese entrepreneurs come to fruition with such a meaningful and successful journey. Hats off to Mohamed Samir!


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