The Ministry Of Interior Is Revolutionising Passport Services: Online Reservations Now Available!


In a significant move to enhance passport services and simplify the application process, the General Administration of Passports and Immigration has introduced an online booking system for passport appointments. This exciting development aims to provide a more efficient and convenient way for citizens to book appointments and receive their passports.

A New Era

The introduction of the online booking service for passport appointments marks a notable step towards enhancing the overall experience for citizens applying for passports.

The service has been introduced to manage queues more efficiently, reducing crowding at various passport offices.

Plenty of other perks too!

With the new online system, citizens now have a direct channel to raise complaints, request assistance or even find the necessary information about passport offices.

In addition, there’s a series of frequently asked questions and common concerns that help make the passport application process more transparent and accessible.

Book Appointments From Multiple Locations

You can now book appointments in key locations such as Red Sea State and Wad Madani. Additionally, appointments at embassies in Doha, Riyadh, and Cairo can also be conveniently arranged through this system.

We’re still hoping to see the system get applied to more locations too!

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