5 Super Interesting Places To Visit In Sudan

5 Super Interesting Places To Visit In Sudan

A country with tons of gems that are worth discovering, we put together just a few places around Sudan that we think are definitely worth visiting.

Make sure to always reach out to agents around town to help organising the journey to these trips – you can check out a trusted tourism agency here.

So, here it goes!


5. The Reefs of Port Sudan

Located on the Red Sea, Port Sudan is loved and adored for its unspoiled off-shore coral reefs – technically making it one of the world’s most exciting diving destinations!

Whilst visiting Port Sudan, travellers love to dive down to also check out the wreck of the Umbria, which sunk off in the coast during the Second World War.


4. The Pyramids of Meroë

The Nubian Pyramids are a set of incredibly impressive ancient structures that we hold very close to our hearts. This is where the civilisation of the Kingdom of Kushite lived out it’s final chapters.

With over 200 pyramids (that were built as tombs), the ancient civilisation ruled the lands of Nubia for over 3,000 years, and left us behind with one of the largest congregations in the world.


3. Dinder National Park

Dinder is one of the oldest parks in Africa, and has been recognised as a UNESCO World Heritage site. The national park covers over 10,000 km² and has an incredibly rich wildlife. 
Picture – giraffes, cheetahs, elephants, and even gazelles!

2. Arkaweet Gates

This is the highest spot in Port Sudan, and it has also been said that it’s almost rather chilly up there!

Overlooking the valley below, the buildings of Arkaweet Gates used to house government officials and their guests, yet holds its price for being the highest building in town.

Visitors can find a guide into the Arkaweet Hills in Port Sudan for their tours.

1. Al Mogran, ‘The Meeting of the Two Niles’

Quite self-explanatory, but yet still incredibly mind-blowing every time we see it. With tons of high-level restaurants around the area, you only really need just one perfect spot see the natural meetings of the Blue and White River Niles.

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