Goodbye Julia Is Gathering Audiences Worldwide And We’re Lovin It!


Goodbye Julia has marked a significant milestone for Sudanese filmmakers – growing it’s recognition on the global stage, this movie has been gathering excited crowds all over the world just to catch its premiere.

Whether exclusively or not – no seat has yet been left unreserved to catch the show!


A New Chapter in Sudanese Cinema

Goodbye Julia is a film that transcends borders, bringing stories of depth and emotion to audiences worldwide.

The film’s journey to international recognition began with its selection as the official Sudan submission for the 96th Oscar Academy Awards in the Best International Film category. Goodbye Julia‘s phenomenal storytelling and cinematic brilliance have propelled it onto the global stage, where it competes with the world’s finest.


And now people are quickly rushing to catch it in a theatre near them!


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The cast has been celebrating the release of their incredible film directly with fans, engaging with them through special appearances, discussions and even Q&A’s!

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