The Top Restaurants That Deliver Around Khartoum City

Restaurants In Khartoum

As a Sudanese person, you would know that food is one of our favourite things in this world, and so, we rely so much on the joy that F&B establishments around the city bring us.

Here’s a mouth-watering feature where we are sharing the best restaurants that deliver around Khartoum! Whether you’re craving something salty, or for those with a sweet tooth, we got you covered.


Debonairs Pizza

Hosting a huge gathering? Everyone will agree that you need to ring up Debonairs. Coming back late from a wedding celebration? Hungry? Debonairs will always be the solution to your problems as they work late into the night. Of course, their exceptional pizza will never miss, and with multiple branches, it’s super easy to find one near you.


Italy Pizza

How could you resist the cheesiness of Italy Pizza? Known to always come to the rescue with their crisis delivery-time, call you need to do is dial 2613 and that’s it! Don’t worry about where you are – they’ll help connect you to the correct branch so that you can place your order.



Shawarma lovers – this one’s for you!

Located on 117 street in Riyadh, with a new branch in Bahry, crowds have been raving about their incredible shawarma’s for years now! With a lovely team at their restaurant, they’re always making sure that they’re taking care of you when you’re hungry.



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A Turkish restaurant located at 60 Street, Aspawa is a hidden gem that has incredible shawarmas, sheesh tawooks, and a lot more dishes that really never miss the spot. Ready to try something different? This is the one…



Since KFC has made its way into Sudan, the new restaurant has not yet set up a delivery system, however, that doesn’t stop us from ordering some finger lickin’ good fried chicken.

By downloading Yalla Natlob, you will quickly have access to the restaurant with the touch of a button! Problem solved!



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Nani’s Ice-cream

With a special point-of-sale in Riyadh, and delivery services every Sunday, Tuesday, and Friday, Nani’s Ice-cream has been our favourite go-to for some yummy homemade ice-cream.

As long as you put in your order a day before, you’ll be good to receive your order when expected! We definitely recommend you try the Blueberry Sensation for a pleasant shock to your taste buds.



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Nutella Bar

During the hot days of the summer, all you need is a refreshing treat that will help you cool down. Nutella Bar is one of Khartoum’s best dessert places which is conveniently located in Al Mashtal Street, Al Riyadh.

Fun flavour’s of chocolate dipped in ice-cream? Count us in!



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Written by Waad Barakat


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