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Until Dubai Bowling Centres Reopen – These 4 Home Bowling Sets Will Be Right Up Your ALLEY

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Until Bowling Centres In Dubai Reopen – These 4 Home Bowling Sets Will Be Right Up Your ALLEY

Enough of sitting hand in hand and waiting for the bowling centres in Dubai to reopen!

Take matters into your own hands and put together your very OWN little bowling set-up at home and enjoy a funfilled evening bowling with the roomies or famjam.

Quarantine day #94: This is what things have come too… but no complaints here!

4. Set up some Indoor Pins in the office and indulge in a game of bowling with your work BFF during the lunch breaks! Legit, how much fun does that sound?!

Buy the set from Amazon for AED 36.99.

3. Your teens and todds will have a fun time playing around with this colourful Bowling Set that comes with 10 pins and 2 balls! Kaayooottt!

Buy the set from Amazon for AED 90.00.

2. Made of sturdy plastic, this Vintage Looking Bowling Set will give you classic bowling centre feels!

Buy the set from Amazon for AED 89.00.

1. Brush up on your bowling techniques as you practise away with this Classic Bowling Set and SPARE no one on the field once quarantine is ovaaa!!

Buy the set from Amazon for AED 77.67.

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