Improve Productivity And Become A PRO At Multitasking With These 10 Discounted Apple iPads


Can it Felicia! No one wants to hear what a great multitasker you are.

Some are born great multitaskers, and the rest of us SUCK at it! And for those on the same boat as me, the universe has provided us with gadgets to make the whole concept of multitasking that much easier to execute.

These 10 FABBB iPads are seeing some flexin’ discounts right now, and are probably your best bet at impressing your boss with your new-found multitasking talent. Plus we’ve made sure to source these Apple products from verified, authentic and authorised Apple resellers… don’t believe us? Then check out the reviews yo’self!

Happy multitasking fam.

10. Save up some bucks with this Apple iPad 9.7” (2018 – 6th Gen), 128GB with Facetime

Promising review:

“I’m enjoying the product. Checked the serial number through Apple’s website and yes!!! It’s original! I’m so happy with my purchase. I was having second thoughts before buying it but I trust that Amazon is the seller so I decided to finally buy it and I am so happy I bought it here than in iStore because it saved me 400 AED.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 1,419.

9. With the Apple iPad 10.2” (2019 – 7th Gen) you can easily edit a document while researching something on the web at the same time

Manage all your files in one convenient spot with the Files app!

Promising review:

“The product has been delivered as provided with the same features as mentioned in the description.
I would recommend the product to whoever wishes the same.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 1,484.18 (down from AED 1,719).

8. Get a fully laminated display and enjoy the Octa-Core power processor with the Apple iPad Pro 11” (2018 – 3rd Gen)

Promising review:

“Best iPad to go for currently! No regrets. The delivery was on time.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 2,999 (down from AED 3,199).

7. Store in a life’s worth of work and memories on this Apple iPad Pro 11” (2018 – 3rd Gen) with 256GB

Promising review:

“An Apple product will always be the same, great, reliable and robust. What surprises me though that this product was being sold on the Apple Store (website) for more than 30% of the price. It amazes me how much Apple can get away with up-selling its products in its stores while online competitors are selling for less, and of course with the SAME QUALITY and SAME WARRANTY. What better do you need?”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 3,999.

6. With the Apple iPad Air 10.5” (2019 – 3rd Gen)’s 10-hour battery life, you can carry it anywhere and legit just use it all-day (by all day I mean within that 10-hour time range duh, then you’ll have to recharge it again)

Promising review:

“Great product and delivered on time.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 1,900 (down from AED 1,999).

5. Leg up in geometry, learn a new lingo or practice composing your own music with the Apple iPad 10.2” (2019 – 7th Gen)

Promising review:

“Great deal and affordable price for a great device.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 1,209 (down from AED 1,349).

4. Keep all your files safe and organised with this Apple iPad 9.7” (2018 – 6th Gen)… Plus it’s great for gaming and creating!

Promising reviews:

“I’ve had this iPad for just a few weeks but I love it. It arrived brand new in original packaging with all the standard accessories. I bought the iPad for the sole purpose of using it to start getting into digital art. When I say sole purpose, I mean I only use this iPad for ProCreate. I never have the internet on or use it for videos since I use my MacAir or iPhone for those things. I purchased the Apple Pencil and it works wonderfully on this iPad. For anyone who is interested in this more budget iPad for digital art or taking notes, I would recommend it.”

“Fast delivery good intact package the iPad is awesome the graphics are high and clear fast processor highly recommended for PUBG game”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 1,155.

3. This Apple iPad 10.2” (2019 – 7th Gen) combines the power and capability of a computer with the ease of use and versatility like you’d never imagine!

Buy it from Amazon for AED 1,579 (down from AED 1,719).

2. This Space Gray Apple iPad 10.2” (2019 – 7th Gen) with 32GB, is engineered for good performance and fast responsiveness… Thas a win-win if you ask us!

Promising review:

“Original UAE version sealed. Exactly as described. And a great delivery time from amazon prime.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 1,209 (down from AED 1,349).

1. Multitask away with just a few swipes on the Apple iPad Pro 11” (2018 – 3rd Gen). Work on a creative project, message a friend and search the web for inspo all at once!!

Promising review:

“Amazing. The sound quality of the speakers while reading is super. Good buy.”

Buy it from Amazon for AED 2,997.99 (down from AED 3,199).


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