Catch Your Squad Off Guard With These Everyday Appropriate Pranks Under AED5


These are everyday appropriate practical jokes… but nowhere near under AED5… gotchyaaaaa!

Loool sorry, just had to. Anyway, lighten up the air around your home and play some unexpected pranks on your famjam, colleagues, roomies, kids, parents, hubby/wife etc. and make it a laughing affair at home!

Channel your inner acteur and set these pranks loose upon your household and watch the laughter unravel! Pro tip: Remember to have your scare cam out to capture all the EPIC reactions to your practical joke set up!

But there’s always that one guy who’ll go a little overboard… Don’t be that guy…

9. Find the most gullible one around and give them a good scare with this ‘Nail Through A Finger’ prank, just make sure to put on a good show while you’re at it… throw in a few tears too!

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8. Ahhh the classsiccc Rubber Snake Prank that catches even the best of us off guard! Just leave one around a pile of clothes or somewhere with a lot of clutter and sit back with your scare-cam out and record away the screams

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7. Ahh, the one prank that NEVER gets old! The Electric Shock Chewing Gum Trick, BE CASUAL ABOUT IT THO! Totes play it cool if you want this one to work out… their reactions will be priceless sis, priceless

This one prank is one you can pull off on anyone, anytime, anywhere!

Pro tip: Have a gum in your own mouth when you’re asking them if they want a piece! 

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6. Tell them your phone isn’t working and hand them your new Fake iPhone to give them the shock of their lives… cuz’ the home button shocks people, thus ‘the shock of their lives’… get it?

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5. Throw in a ‘whoever smelt it dealt it’ line with this Liquid Fart Spray prank! But urm… just don’t spray too much of it, thas just nastaayy

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4. Pass over a can of chips to your unsuspecting move buddy and unleash the snake the within! *Cue evil laughter* they would have NEVER seen this one coming moahhaha

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3. Squirt this Magic Disappearing Invisible Ink all over someone (that you know)’s tee and get beaten up a little… but then point out that there’s nothing on their shirt and you will have them oh-so confused! Yo’welcome!

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2. Chase them around the house with this Infrared remote control spider toy! Only for a while tho, spiders are a sensitive topic, getting the creeps just writing about it too

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1. If you’re tired of your WFH squad always coming to you to borrow a pen then, shock ’em up this time with a battery-operated Electric Shocking Pen!!

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